Since I was in elementary school, Ive been trying to keep a journal or diary of some sort. I thought I’d want to remember how I felt at a particular time in my life. These journals were the best way for me to document my life. As a result I have more journals than I can count! I also remember getting a new agenda at the beginning of every school year. Teachers and administrators claimed that an agenda was the best way to manage my time. So, by every Thanksgiving break, when I had given up on using an agenda, I felt like I had failed.
The Bullet Journal helped me stop collecting inefficient journals and planners. It is a combination of both plus more. Here are 5 reasons why I love the Bullet Journal: 

1. 3-in-1 Journal 

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The bullet journal is the perfect combination of a planner, journal, and notebook. I dont have to carry three separate notebooks for these three separate purposes. I can fit all three elements in to the bullet journal.

2. Its Customized To Me

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I’ve had the same problem with all planners in the past: I couldn’t enter the type or the amount of information I needed. I can customize every aspect of the Bullet Journal to what I need. The Bullet Journal allows me to see one day at a time or six months ahead. I can create the layout that fits my lifestyle.

3. I Can Be As Creative As I Want 

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(or not) Creativity has never been my strong suit. But with the Bullet Journal I can explore my creativity as much as I see fit. Doodling, experimenting with colors, stamps, washi tape etc. The possibilities are endless. In my Bullet Journal I can tap into those underutilized creative senses.

5. So Versatile

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The versatility of the bullet journal is unmatched. As my life changes, often times I need my journal to change with me. With the Bullet Journal I am able to create layouts that fit my schedule and lifestyle at the time. For example, I am taking the opportunity to do more reading this year. I’m keep track of the books I’m reading currently and book I may read in the future. I list them in my monthly and weekly goals and I also have a 2 page spread dedicated to all the books on my list.

5. Effective Planning Tool 

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash
The greatest advantage of the Bullet Journal is that is an amazing planning tool. I write out my dreams and aspirations and create a step by step plan on how to reach them. Then I use the versatile monthly, weekly, and daily layouts to keep track of my progress.
The Bullet Journal is a top notch method of keeping your life on track. But, it only works if you work it. The Bullet Journal will add as much to your life as you put into it. Thankfully, the flexibility of the Bullet Journal allows you to put it down and pick it up as you need it, in any capacity. All in all, I’d say that the Bullet Journal is one of the best life tracking tools I have ever discovered.
Do you use a bullet journal? Share how you keep your life on track with me by leaving a comment or sending me an email at!